On Valentines Day, Love & Frida

Valentines Day is a day to reflect on LOVE and on all the wonderful and unexpected ways that it comes into our lives. For example, in the form of a salt & pepper Schnauzer that was unexpectedly

Frida as a puppy

dropped on my doorstep by my sister two years ago. I fell in love with her instantly and we’ve pretty much been inseparable since.

Many of my patients have seen little Frida at the clinic. There is a rule that she stays in her bed while I’m working in the treatment room, but my patients love to conspire against me with her. I will often walk into the reception area to find Frida happily curled up in the lap of a farmer.

As far as Frida is concerned, there is no better place than Moora. She loves her morning walks around the paddock, especially if there’s been rain overnight and there are plenty of muddy puddles to splash through.

Usually, when I go cycling I have to leave Frida

Trying out our new K9 Sports Sack

at home but then I heard about K9 Sports Sacks which are designed to carry your furry friend on your back while you hike or cycle. So that’s what I’ve bought us for Valentines Day! At this stage we’ve only tried walking around with it but so far so good. We’ll tackle a bike ride together soon. Happy Valentines Day to everyone ~ Love Allie & Frida X