On the Bloody Long Walk & Four Little Rockstars

I’m getting ready to pull out my hiking boots again. It’s been two years since I trained for the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker with a group of friends. We raised a lot of money for Oxfam & had a whole heap of fun along the way. Our next challenge is the The Bloody Long Walk which is a 35km walk in September. The event raises funds to support people living with mitochondrial disease.

Training for the Oxfam Trailwalker, 2017

On Friday night our team met at the Dandaragan Club armed with our training programs, diaries & monthly planners. Given that we have previously trained for a 100km event, we are feeling quietly confident that we can handle 35km once we’ve gotten back into some good training.  Training walks have been planned for the next few months, scheduled around hockey, golf, football, birthdays, school holidays etc…  so that by the time that the event comes around in September we will be prepared & ready to go.

Planning Meeting with some of the team for the Bloody Long Walk.

I absolutely can not wait to get out there & start walking again! If you’re interested in the event then check out the website for The Bloody Long Walk.

My Saturday was spent working in the morning & then attending the Moora School of Music Concert in the afternoon. There were some fantastic performances by our local young musicians, including four of my own little Piano Rockstars who totally nailed their piano pieces.

Four of my Piano Rockstars at the MSOM Concert

Emily, Georgie, Gus & Hayley I am so very proud of you all.

Frida on the bed at her Nana’s House in Perth

In other news, there are only two more sleeps until Frida will be back home with me in Moora. Thank you to everyone who has asked about her. Her paw has healed up nicely & she is ready to be scampering around muddy paddocks once again but this time with waterproof/prickle proof booties. It will be good to have her home – the clinic has seemed a bit empty without her. Have a great week everyone! ~ Love Allie X

On What’s Happening in Wongan, Paw Injuries and Moora School of Music

Hello Friends of Moora Chiro!

What a busy time of year this is! There have been lots of back & neck issues from long hours on the tractor during seeding, various injuries from winter sports (lots of hamstring, groin & calf sprains this season already) and a few arthritic flare ups from the weather turning cold and damp. Many of our patients swear that they can predict the likelihood of rainfall by how achy their joints are and I find that they’re pretty much always right.

June has been a slightly mixed up month for us because we’ve been sharing Janelle with another clinic. This means that instead of being in Wongan on her regular Tuesday, Janelle will be in Wongan for the next three Fridays. Friday 21st, 28th June and 5th July.


Sadly, she will not be in Moora during June but come July we get to have Janelle all to ourselves again. She will be in Moora on Mondays and Wongan on Tuesdays. Until then, please bear with us as we deal with a little bit of congestion in our appointment book.

Frida’s absence at the clinic has been duly noted by our regular visitors and so I wanted to share what’s been happening in this post. A few weeks ago, Frida suffered an injury when a thorn became lodged in her front left paw. The thorn was removed and she was given a course of antibiotics. I was advised to keep the paw warm and dry so that it could have the best possible chance at healing. However, despite Jane’s & my best efforts at undressing and redressing her paw it would still get damp when Frida went outside. She would also get prickles stuck to the dressing and her paw continued to irritate her.

             Frida’s injured paw.

Feeling troubled by Frida’s discomfort, I did what any 40 year old woman does when she needs help. I called my Mum. Within moments of my describing Frida’s situation to her, my folks had formulated a plan to evacuate Frida from the wet and doublegee-rich conditions of the wheatbelt to the comforting warmth and dryness of my Mum & Dad’s townhouse in Perth.

After a few weeks of receiving impeccable care from her Nana & Papa, I am pleased to report that Frida’s paw is healing up beautifully. However, it has been decided that Frida should remain in Perth until her new doggie boots arrive. Her boots will help to protect her paws from the damp and the prickles so that she can return to Moora and happily scamper around muddy paddocks like she loves to do.

Frida & her Nana

I also want to use this post to mention that the next Moora School of Music Concert is scheduled for Saturday 22nd June at 2:00pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for our young musicians to perform in front of an audience at the Moora Performing Arts Centre and to gain some exposure in our community. If you are around that weekend then please come along and support our young people.

My piano students having a musical art lesson.

Four of my nine students will be performing in the concert. I already feel so proud of them for putting their hands up to be a part of this event. Thank you to Moora School of Music for organising the concert. My students and I are very excited about it.

Ok, that’s all from me for now. Have a great weekend everyone! Love Allie X