On 2017 & 2018

It’s the start of 2018 and I find myself reflecting on the beginning of 2017 at Moora Chiropractic which kicked off with a tidal wave of shoulder injuries. There were all sorts of varieties of damaged shoulders belonging to all sorts of people. Lots of folk had been fishing over at the coast & had irritated the soft tissues around the shoulder by throwing in line after line, hoping to catch a big one to throw on the BBQ for dinner.

Then there were the shoulders of the people who’d been travelling – they were all tight from sitting on planes or in cars, and from sleeping in squashed positions on camping beds. I had to do lots of deep tissue work to get some of those shoulder muscles freed up again. That’s the trick with getting shoulders right – you have to free up all of the soft tissues that surround the shoulder joint & not just focus on the site of pain.

Ultrasound therapy is an excellent tool for reducing inflammation around the shoulder & for accelerating the body’s own healing process. Acupuncture is good too, especially if there are active trigger points in the muscles around the shoulder that need to be released in order to restore an efficient movement pattern. You can’t just treat at the site of pain – that might reduce symptoms in the short term but long term functional improvement takes a more comprehensive approach.


For most shoulder injuries, I tend to use a combination of soft tissue therapy, ultrasound, acupuncture and exercise prescription. I’ll also clear restrictions through the mid back and neck in order to maximise movement in the body and to reduce tension in the tissues.

Every so often, there is one stubborn shoulder that doesn’t respond to physical therapy, perhaps because there is too much tissue damage present for me to be able to help. I’ll often refer these people to a General Practitioner for a cortisone injection or for specialist consultation. Some people don’t want cortisone because they’ve had a bad reaction to it in the past or because they don’t have the time to be driving to Perth for injections. I tend to work with those people for a bit longer & often they will respond with more intensive work.

I’m suspecting a similar wave of shoulder injuries this January but maybe that won’t happen. Maybe shoulder injuries won’t be fashionable anymore and there will be an influx of plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis cases instead, like there was towards the end of 2017. There are always different trends and patterns in the community that I need to respond and adapt to. That’s one of most fun aspects of being a Moora Chiropractor. I never know what’s going to walk through the door!

This year I’m hoping to get to a few more live conferences for professional learning to help me to continue to serve our community in an efficient way. Last year I did most of my professional development online but this year I’d like to attend more in person learning workshops as I find them a more challenging and interactive way to learn.

I’m still away for a week but the wonderful Dr Charlene Lees is around and will be in Wongan Hills on Tuesday 9th January and in Moora on Thursday 11th January. I’ll hit the ground running on Monday 15th January in Moora and will see what everyone has in store for me then. In the meantime, I wish all of you & your loved ones a fantastic 2018. THANK YOU for having me as your Chiropractor – I absolutely LOVE working with you. See you back in Moora on the 15th ~ Allie X

Our New Website

I’ve been working with Erin & Danny on a new website & I think it’s finally ready to launch.

Erin, me & Danny.

The website has been created by Danny from Moora I.T. who is also providing the hosting service. Images of the clinic were taken by Erin McPherson. A big thank you to both Danny & Erin for your work in creating this site – you’re the best web design team ever!

Our aim was to create a website that provided more information about what we do here. We provide a lot more than regular Chiropractic Care we wanted to communicate that in a visually appealing way. I’m sure that the site will evolve as we move forward but right now I’m really happy with the style, the colours and the content.

Thanks again to Danny & Erin for your guidance & support ~ Allie X

Moora Chiropractic Clinic



On Valentines Day, Love & Frida

Valentines Day is a day to reflect on LOVE and on all the wonderful and unexpected ways that it comes into our lives. For example, in the form of a salt & pepper Schnauzer that was unexpectedly

Frida as a puppy

dropped on my doorstep by my sister two years ago. I fell in love with her instantly and we’ve pretty much been inseparable since.

Many of my patients have seen little Frida at the clinic. There is a rule that she stays in her bed while I’m working in the treatment room, but my patients love to conspire against me with her. I will often walk into the reception area to find Frida happily curled up in the lap of a farmer.

As far as Frida is concerned, there is no better place than Moora. She loves her morning walks around the paddock, especially if there’s been rain overnight and there are plenty of muddy puddles to splash through.

Usually, when I go cycling I have to leave Frida

Trying out our new K9 Sports Sack

at home but then I heard about K9 Sports Sacks which are designed to carry your furry friend on your back while you hike or cycle. So that’s what I’ve bought us for Valentines Day! At this stage we’ve only tried walking around with it but so far so good. We’ll tackle a bike ride together soon. Happy Valentines Day to everyone ~ Love Allie & Frida X

On Conditions I See in the Clinic

I’ve been a city girl all my life and before I worked in Moora I didn’t have a thorough understanding of the soft tissues injuries that result from farming work. Most of these conditions are the result of repetitive tasks that put stress on the same areas of muscle or joint over and over again.

Generally, the best way to manage soft tissue injuries or muscular pain is to rest the area and apply an ice pack. A heat pack can also help to relieve pain. However, it’s unlikely that our farmers are going to have a few hours rest & put their feet up to rest an injury during harvest. This puts pressure on me to improve soft tissue injuries in the shortest time possible.

Here is an overview of what my experience in Moora has taught me about soft tissue injuries:

Moora Chiropractors Charlene Lees & Allie Gledhill

  • Farmers Elbow: inflammation of the tendons at the elbow, usually from sheep work (this is like a tennis elbow but without the tennis). If treated early these respond well to a course of ultrasound therapy and supportive taping in conjunction with home exercises. Chronic cases can become very painful and may respond to a steroid injection.
  • Tractor Back: muscular aches & pains in the lower back muscles from bouncing around on the tractor. Deep tissue therapy is the key to getting these right, usually in conjunction with manipulation of the joints in the lower lumbar spine and the pelvis. This condition responds well to ongoing care, every 6 – 8 weeks depending on the severity of symptoms.
  • Tractor neck: results from always looking over the right shoulder whilst driving over an unstable surface i.e. a paddock. This sort of pain can refer from the neck muscles to the shoulder muscles and restrict movement considerably. It can also cause difficulty getting comfortable in bed at night. Tractor neck requires lots of deep tissue work around the shoulder & mobilisation of the joints in the cervical spine. Tractor neck seems to require less regular care than tractor back.
  • Header shoulder: this is a result of having the right arm held at 90 degrees while operating the joystick on the head. Again, this is tissue damage from the result of a repetitive task. If this develops into an impingement syndrome they can be tough to get right but they do respond well to ultrasound therapy & supportive taping. There are usually restrictions in the neck that require manipulation as well as in the mid back, between the shoulder blades. Thorough movement assessment and exercise prescription will help to reduce recovery time.

October Already

September was a busy month with everyone in the clinic getting away for holidays at some point. Now we’re in October we are all back together again & ready for the next few months that we’re sure are going to go past very quickly.

Back in September, Charlene arrived back from her trip to states & took over from me at the clinic while I boarded a plane for Scotland to do some hiking & catching up with friends & family.

I spent my early years as a Chiropractor in Scotland & still have patients there that I used to treat who now feel more like family to me. It was great to spend some time with them.

While I was away, I did have a terrible bout of homesickness over the hockey grand final weekend when my team, Robins B Grade, won their competition ~ Congratulations Girls! That experience has taught me to not book overseas trips during hockey season.

Robins B Grade 2016


Congratulations as well to the Strikers Hockey Club who won the A Grade Competition.

Strikers A Grade 2016